Are We Too Afraid to Fail?

by The Augustan on 08/18/2014

Meaningful progress generally involves a willingness to take risks, embrace uncertainty, and acknowledge our shortcomings.

Experimenting with new ideas, asking questions, and seeking guidance are all a part of our growth and development. Interestingly, these acts can invite public scrutiny. To what degree does shame and the fear of ridicule prevent people from taking the necessary steps to better their lives and the lives of those around them?

For example, when we condemn politicians because their policies do not meet our expectations, is it possible that we are also discouraging future innovation and creativity? When we stereotype and demean low income single parents, is it possible that we are also alienating them and making them feel ashamed to seek guidance? When we stigmatize people who are struggling with addictions or depression, is it possible that we are also making it more difficult for them to come forward and admit their issues?

If we are unwilling to give people a reasonable amount of latitude to be wrong, make mistakes, and admit their struggles, then how can we ever hope to make any meaningful progress?

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  1. 08/18/2014Ellie says:

    I agree, taking my cues as a believer I feel like Grace is very much needed for all people. We all have the propensity to fail and fail hard and when we do I believe we should all be open to constructive criticism because it empowers us to grow but there should be Grace that say “no one is perfect”, “we are all in the same boat”. I hear too much the mumblings on facebook of extreme views on this and that and I am always thinking how their viewpoint would be different if they were in the persons shoes. I know there is Grace enough when I fail and am criticized even if it doesnt come form the people surrounding me, I can see how constant criticism can wear a person down. To speak the truth in love, I don’t always do it and I wish I did more, but imagine how dialogs could be changed if truth was spoken with love and not malice, hatred, haughtiness.

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